Türkiye Scholarship

Türkiye Scholarship

Türkiye Scholarship program is the most well-known scholarship program in Turkish government to provide scholarships to international students who wish to complete their university education in Turkey. It aims to develop bilateral relations between Turkey and other countries and to contribute to the enrichment of knowledge around the world.

The program was launched by the Turkish government to support successful students in the Bachelor's, Master's, Ph.D. and even research levels and provide opportunities for them to experience a unique experience.

This page will provide you with all the files and videos that will help you registering on the Turkish Scholarship site.

Türkiye Scholarship Authority will open the application for the 2019/2020 Scholarship for applicants from the Group of Third-Round Countries, the university studies stage, which will end in March.


Scholarship Benefits:

The scholarship is characterized by the provision of integrated services for students admitted. Starting with the acceptance of the student of tickets paid by the Turkish Government, from the country of residence to Turkey and from Turkey to his country after the completion of the study. And then the student will obtain free housing and accommodation throughout the study period paid by the state.


The state also pays the student a monthly salary of TRY 700 for bachelor's students. It provides free health insurance throughout the study period, provides them a card that grants them the right of mobility at a reduced price subsidized by the state, and a full year to study Turkish without any fees. In addition, students who are successful and are enrolled in another language must attend the full year of learning Turkish.


Scholarship Terms and Conditions:

The applicant must have completed the secondary school, or he will complete the requirements at the end of the academic year.

2- The applicant must have a degree of success in the public secondary 70% as a minimum candidate for all disciplines except medicine 90%.

3- The date shall not be less than 1/1/1998 (Institute or Bachelor)

4- The applicant should not be enrolled in any university within Turkey.

5- The applicant shall not be granted or will be granted by any other party.


Information and documents required to apply:

1- A copy of the certificate of high school certificate, or an official document from the school proving that the student will finish the requirements of the secondary school during the current year

2- A copy of the final grade certificate of a certified high school certificate, or a copy of the first semester exams grade for those who have not completed yet.

3- A copy of the valid passport or national identity

4- A photograph