Hadhramaut Languages Institute – HELI

The Foundation established Hadhramaut English Language Institute in the cities of Mukalla and Seiyun in the belief that English in today's world is a tool of communication between peoples and cultures. The language helps the learner to communicate with and receive from others. It also helps him to respond to the challenges of the age of science and technological knowledge that increase his chances of employment in various civil society institutions and study abroad.



Developing English language skills for students is a prerequisite for university and higher education, and active involvement in the labor market.



We strive to provide high quality programs that enable students to acquire English language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing, and to highlight these skills in acquiring and applying scientific knowledge in all aspects of life.



  • Developing English language skills for eligible high school graduates to continue their undergraduate studies.
  • Assisting undergraduate students in acquiring English language skills, which enables them to pursue graduate studies.
  • Providing the opportunity for others to develop their English language skills at the available levels.
  • Meeting the requirements of the society and its various institutions in programs in the English language skills for specific purposes (E.S.P).
  • Preparing applicants to pass the TOEFL exam.
  • Consolidating the relationship with the relevant colleges and institutes internally and externally to exchange views and experiences.


Why Excellence ?

1- The Institute offers different levels for learners (Beginner - Preparatory - Intermediate - Advanced).

2- It Provides courses in conversation and language courses for specific purposes (E. S. P.).

3- It has special classes for girls.

4- Teaching staff is distinguished and includes a group of qualified teachers.

5- The tuition fees are symbolic and the Institute is not profitable.

6- The location of the institute overlooking the sea makes it a quiet, beautiful and attractive place in an area where public transport is available.

7- It provides a public library for students at the Institute, as well as a varied electronic library.

8- There is a yard specially designed for practicing English.



The Institute enhances students' commitment to English through:

  • Mandatory English language to communicate within the Institute.
  • Broadcasting news bulletins and selected cultural programs in English.
  • Motivating students to deliver the presentation within the classes.
  • Developing language skills through the development of integrated skills.
  • Developing vocabulary for students through literary books and selected programs.
  • Recreational and educational trips.