Student Achievements

Salem Awaid and Asem Alscoty discussed their graduation projects from the Faculty of Fine Arts at Yarmouk University. Awaid's graduation project included Shibam's typeface in English. Mr. Awaid...

Awaid and Alscoty discuss their graduation project in the field of visual design

Researcher Mr. Ali Mohammed Babalghaith participated in the 4th International Conference on Materials Science and Engineering, which was held in Kuala Lumpur from August 26 to...

Researcher Mr. Babalghaith participates in a scientific paper at the International Conference on Materials Engineering in Malaysia

Ahmed Mohammed Abdullah Al-Kaf

Tenaga-Electrical Power Engineering


UPM- Chemical Engineering

Murad Abdullah Khamis Subih

UM-Biomedical Engineering

Radhi Faisal Abd Hudijan

UPM-Engineering Management