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HEHD Founded on Saturday, 27/07/1427 AH (Hijri) on August 22, 2006 AD, located in (Mukalla) city and its scope of work in the Governorate of Hadhramout and some other Yemeni governorates within the region of Hadhramout. It works under license number (730) for the year 2006 in accordance with the (Associations and Institutions Act) number (1) for the year 2001.

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"Leadership in human development and institutional work to contribute to sustainable development"

"Building productive human beings and developing their abilities by providing educational and training streams of high quality, and improving the educational, moral and intellectual level"

1) To improve the educational and training level of the human being, to contribute to the development of the educational structure, and to create a standard knowledge environment of high quality.
2) Supporting investment in the educational process, including the establishment of a base for the development of information infrastructure to keep pace with development in this area and facilitate access to data and information.
3) Represent the core values of the institution for all employees and customers and to find a suitable incubator for the outputs of its programs through the development of standards to identify and measure the outputs of the programs of the institution.
4) Strengthen partnerships with national, regional and international institutions that would develop human development and quality assurance to achieve quality standards.
5) Finding stable and sufficient sources of funding to sustain the institution, support its programs and achieve its mission

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Dr. Maiada Bakarman completes Egyptian fellowship training in Applied Epidemiology
Dr. Maiada Bakarman, a scholarship recipient from the Hadhramout Foundation - Human Development, has successfully completed her Egyptian fellowship training in Applied Epidemiology from the Supreme Council for Medical Specialties.Dr. Maiada Abdullah indicated that this specialized field focuses on t...
Researcher Helmi Alguhi on obtains his Ph.D. in structural engineering from Canada
Researcher Helmi Ali Saleh Alguhi earned his Master's degree in Civil Engineering, specializing in Structural Engineering, from the University of Alberta in Canada.Researcher Helmi Alguhi was able to obtain a Ph.D. through his thesis titled: "Serviceability and Ultimate Performance of Reinforced Con...
Dr. Bahira Al-Mansoori has completed her Egyptian fellowship training in Intensive Care
Dr. Bahira Salem Sbeit Al-Mansoori, a scholarship recipient from the Hadhramout Foundation - Human Development, has successfully completed her fellowship training in Intensive Care in Egypt.Dr. Bahira Al-Mansoori emphasized that Intensive Care Medicine, also known as critical care, is a modern medic...


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