Researcher Helmi Alguhi on obtains his Ph.D. in structural engineering from Canada


Researcher Helmi Ali Saleh Alguhi earned his Master's degree in Civil Engineering, specializing in Structural Engineering, from the University of Alberta in Canada.

Researcher Helmi Alguhi was able to obtain a Ph.D. through his thesis titled: "Serviceability and Ultimate Performance of Reinforced Concrete Elements with Steel and Chopped Glass Fibers: An Experimental and Analytical Study.”

The researcher emphasized that incorporating fibers into concrete helps mitigate cracking, significantly enhancing peak responses, post-cracking behavior, and durability.

His study utilized a digital database to accurately analyze and predict the behavior of concrete specimens. The results provided innovative expressions directed toward design parameters related to equivalent stress block properties, thereby improving our understanding of the structural response of Fiber-Reinforced Concrete (FRC) and addressing a notable gap in the literature.

Helmi Alguhi meticulously investigated the effects of combining steel and/or glass fibers on critical parameters such as compressive strength, modulus of elasticity, Poisson's ratio, and toughness index to better represent the stress-strain relationship.

The study also yielded insights into short-range deflections by extracting effective moments from the stiffness of FRC. Finite Element Analysis (FEA), despite not anticipating deflections, revealed crucial information about shear lock elements.

Reinforcement strain predictions for SR and GFRP-RC specimens contribute valuable insights, significantly enhancing our understanding of FRC structures. These findings guide future research and practical applications in structural engineering.


During his academic stay in Canada, the researcher actively participated in several conferences.


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