Eng. Abdullah Ahmed Buqshan
Statement of Chairman, Board of Trustees

The idea of establishing Hadhramout Establishment for Human Development (HEHD) came from a number of the sons of Hadramout Governorate, and blessed by a number of businessmen existing in Saudi Arabia, who saw the low level of education in the governorate in general, and the scarcity of skilled workers and trained as required by development and investment, both of people (Sons of Hadhramout & Businessmen in Saudi Arabia) called each other to work on the development of the governorate whereas the governorate in a bad condition of education. Praises to Allah, that this Establishment has a lot of loyal people Hadhramaut Sons, in the Republic of Yemen. It was a concerted effort to put together the credit, after Allah Almighty, that HEHD was established, and its steps of activities have moved ahead, and appeared visible results of that. And it is an honor for all of us that HEHD reached into this level in a short time.
Nor kept in mind that what we are today is something very little of our aspirations, and ambitions: the righteousness of this, not only in Hadhramaut Governorate, but in Yemen in general, if Allah wills.
We are confident that HEHD will distinctly with high quality achieve its vision, mission and objectives, as long as the sincerity, dedication and quality are its logo. Moreover, the day will come to reap the governorate and the country in general the results of this good planting, and our families will enjoy reaping this sincere efforts.
We ask Allah to help and guide us.

Dr. Saleh Awad Aram
Statement of Chief Executive Officer

Success is the result of what you made by, and reap the ripe fruits in your hands, and its trip means the triumphant journey that you begin to step up, with confidence and determination to accomplish a journey of a thousand miles and more ...
If the path starts with a step, so the step of this success and its journey began loving the success and thinking about it, which is psychological feeling seeks to reach what you desired for with its tools and means in order to get it. Success cannot be made unless with love, dedication, hard work, giving, and sincere intentions.
Success does not come only to those who have an ambitions, it is a renewed eternal treasure, and ambition can only be achieved with patience, hard work and seriousness ...
Faith in God alone, is the eternal and permanent fuel for success which is the light that leads to the road of success.

Success has introductions and conditions manifested in the journey of this establishment (HEHD) through :

a) Trust in God reflected self-esteem and capacity and confidence to insist on progress.
b) The desire, and the certainty of teamwork ability to reap its fruits.
c) A good investment of opportunities and seizing them.
d) Determination, effort, continuous following up, responsible trust and honest Accountability.
e) Good management of available financial and human resources, and simplified effective management.
f) The optimal use of time and available tools.
Success means to leave a positive and perceptible imprint, that needs honest initiators to become events-makers, strong will and outstretched generous hand and great mind with inspirational leadership.
The ten years of work will tell a modest success that it is still at the beginning of its stages, represented in its programs ... a call to all those who love success and eager to participate in the narrative of the march and seek with us "