Announcing the names of those accepted into the Qualitative scholarship program


Hadhramout Foundation—Human Development has announced the names of accepted candidates in the Qualitative Scholarship Program. The program was launched by the foundation from October 18th to November 30th as a new direction to formalize scholarships and achieve the desired objectives. These objectives align with the foundation's vision of nurturing productive individuals and enhancing their capabilities.
Eng. Tareq Balkhasher, the Executive General Manager, indicated that the Foundation launched this program within the directives of its strategic plan by assessing the societal need, which achieves the expected impact of investing in human capital.
Applicants for the program underwent various criteria, with a key focus on achieving a 97% score in their high school average (both scientific and literary sections) during the academic years 2020–2021 and 2021–2022. Additionally, candidates were required to obtain a minimum score of 5 in the IELTS exam or at least 66 in TOEFL.
The scholarship committee conducted interviews with the candidates, resulting in 7 individuals securing the opportunity for the Qualitative scholarship. They are:
Mohammed Awad Mohammed Al-Haiqi - Computer Science
Omar Wadah Mohammed Al-Aghbari - Computer Science
Abdulrahman Mansour Ahmed Al-Salwi – Nutrition and Dietetics
Omar Abdullah Saeed Bahkim – Medical Laboratory
Fida'a Al-Deen Ahsan Hussein Raadan - Computer Science
Mohammed Ahmed Ali Al-Kaf - Computer Science
Youssef Omar Ali Mohammed Baowhab - Computer Science