Hadhramout Foundation celebrates the Qisasna Cohort 6 Completion and Alumni Event!


It was an inspiring evening filled with heartfelt speeches, success stories, and future opportunities for our graduates. Dr. Saleh Omar, Qisasna Program Manager, and Mr. Saleh Belsood, Head of Media Department at Hadhramout Foundation - Human Development, kicked off the event with warm opening remarks.

Ms. Sabrina Faber, Country Director of Amideast Yemen, shared insightful updates, followed by Mrs. Rahaf, Public Engagement Specialist from the U.S. Mission to Yemen, who discussed alumni opportunities.

Ms. Rawan Nasir, Program Associate at Aspen Institute Stevens Initiative, presented opportunities for Stevens Initiative Alumni, and finally Mr. Ahmed Salem Bashaweih, Chairman of the Board of Trustees at Hadhramout Foundation - Human Development, delivered an inspiring keynote speech thanking our partners and encouraging Qisasna alumni to take advantages of these opportunities.

Moreover, certificates were distributed by the Amideast Yemen and Hadhramout Foundation team to all alumni.

The evening concluded with a lively Focus Group Discussion with Cohort 6 Alumni.

Thank you to all our speakers and participants for making this event unforgettable. Here's to the bright future ahead for our Cohort 6 and all 91 graduates!