Hadhramout Foundation's Board of Trustees held its first session of the new year


Hadhramout Foundation - Human Development held its first session of the new year 2024 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The meeting was chaired by Eng. Ahmed Bashawayh, the chairman of the board of trustees, and attended by Eng. Abdullah Ahmed Bugshan, the chairman of the Board of Founders.

During the meeting, all board members approved the executive plan of the foundation. This plan ensures the sustainability of institutional work in both financial and administrative aspects, aiming to achieve the foundation's goals as envisioned by its mission and vision.

The Executive General Manager, Eng. Tareq Balkhasher, presented the foundation's achievements during the past year (2023). These accomplishments include various programs, activities, and prestigious agreements with international entities.

Eng. Ahmed Bashawayh, the board's chairman, emphasized the continued success trajectory of the foundation as a specialized educational entity. Education serves as the foundation for community growth, development, and positive transformation.

The foundation's Board of Trustees was reconstituted at the beginning of the current year, with Eng. Ahmed Salem Bashawayh leading the way. This step ensures that the foundation continues to invest in human capital.