His Excellency the former Prime Minister Bahah visits Hadhramout Foundation-Human Development.


The former Prime Minister Khaled Mahfoudh Bahah visited the headquarters of Hadhramout Foundation-Human Development in Mukalla to see the workflow of the foundation.

In the visit, which was attended by a member of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation, Dr. Saleh Aram, the Executive Manager of the Foundation, Eng. Tareq Balkhasher, welcomed the former Prime Minister and his visit to the Foundation, which indicates his keenness to see the reality of human development in Hadhramout.

The Prime Minister listened to an explanation from the Executive General Manager and the directors of departments and sections about the most prominent activities of the scholarship departments, general education, technical education, and vocational training, in addition to Hadramout Languages Institute and the Alumni Club, praising the efforts of the administrative staff working in the foundation.

In addition, a member of the Board of Trustees, Dr. Saleh Aram, reviewed a number of programs implemented by the Foundation during the last period, appreciating the efforts of the administrative staff working in the Foundation at various stages, and presented a number of proposals aimed at developing the workflow of the Foundation.

The Prime Minister also discussed with the members of the Foundation's Administrative Board ways to develop the performance of the departments, praising the role of Hadhramout Foundation - Human Development in its interest in the educational process and its continuous efforts to raise the pace of training and qualification in various fields.

Further, the meeting was attended by Dr. Abdulqadir Baisa, the advisor to the Founders Board of Hadhramout Foundation for Culture, the Executive Manager of the Foundation, Eng. Shroq Alramadi, and a number of its members.

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