Launching a government cadre qualification program for general managers of Hadhramout Governorate


Hadhramout Foundation - Human Development inaugurated a program for the government cadre of the general managers in Hadhramout Governorate. The launch took place at the picturesque Hayd Aljazeel Tourist Resort in the Dawan District.

This program was initiated by the foundation as a pilot project, targeting the first-tier leaders among the general managers on the coast of Hadhramout. The second phase of the program will extend its focus to general managers in the valley and desert of Hadhramout.

The intensive training program spans three days and covers planning and community participation. Dr. Amin Abdulkarim Al-Sharjabi, a national expert, leads the training sessions.

During the opening of the training program, the Executive General Manager of the foundation emphasized that the government cadre qualification program aligns with the foundation’s new directions. It aims to enhance administrative and knowledge capacities for first-tier leaders in Hadhramout Governorate.

He highlighted the complementary relationship between third-sector organizations and the government sector, emphasizing the positive impact of their outputs on the local community. Despite the challenging circumstances faced by the country, the spirit of initiative and eagerness for learning were evident in the foundation's team through the design of this program and the enthusiastic response from general managers. These efforts aim to improve the services provided to citizens