The Minister of Education was briefed on Hadhramout Foundation role and activities in human development

The Minister of Education was briefed on Hadhramout Foundation role and activities in human development

18/03/2021 8:50am

The Minister of Education, Mr. Tariq Salem Al-Akbari, was briefed on the activities of the Hadhramout Foundation and appreciated its role in human developmental field. During a meeting in the temporary capital, Aden, the Executive General Manager of the Hadhramout Foundation, Eng. Tareq Ali Balkhasher, presented the foundation's projects in the educational sector. The meeting also discussed the aspects of partnership and cooperation between the foundation and the ministry and ways to enhance them.

Minister Al-Akbari emphasized on the vital role of local and international NGOs, and their efforts in supporting and developing the education sector, pointing to the need to work with various bodies according to the needs of the Ministry of Education and in a way that contributes to the improvement of educational work for the better. The minister also stressed the importance of establishing a good infrastructure that serves the educational process in the long run, especially in the field of educational aids and e-learning, thus facilitating the educational process for students and teachers.

The Minister of Education listened to Eng. Tareq Ali Balkhasher and his accompanying delegation, explaining the foundation’s most prominent projects and programs in the educational sector during the past years, as well as the future plans and projects that the Foundation intends to undertake during the upcoming years.

The meeting was attended by the Director General of the Minister’s Office Mr, Ahmed Baslum, the representative of Hadhramout Foundation in Aden Governorate, Dr.

AbuBakr Barahim, the Director of the General Education Department, Mr. Amin BaAbbad, the Director of the Technical Vocational Education and Training Department, Eng. Abdullah Mehairi, the Director of the Almuni Club, Eng. Saeed Barayyan, the Programs and Projects Coordinator at the Alumni Club, Eng. Omar Bukair, and a member of the faculty of University of Hadhramout Dr. Sami Humid and Eng. Ammar Al-Qabbas.