The Minister of Information, Culture, and Tourism and the Governor of Hadhramaut visit Hadhramout Foundation - Human Development


Mr. Moammar Al-Eryani, Minister of Information, Culture, and Tourism, and Mr. Mabkhout bin Madi, Governor of Hadhramaut, visited today in Mukalla the headquarters of the Hadhramout Foundation - Human Development.

During the visit, Minister Al-Eryani and Governor Bin Madi listened to an explanation from the Foundation’s Executive Manager, Eng. Tareq Ali Balkhasher, about the Foundation’s activity and its enlightening role in sponsoring science, praising the role of the local authority in supporting historical, cultural, and tourism events, including the success of the 2023 Al-Baldah Tourist Festival.

The minister and the governor expressed their praise for the Foundation's efforts in supporting education and scientific support for development efforts in the governorate, listening to the idea of paying attention to the tourist, archaeological, and cultural seasons with the aim of improving the tourism reality and preserving the rich cultural heritage of Hadhramaut, and praising the role of the Chairman of the Board of Founders and Trustees, Eng. Abdullah Ahmed Bugshan, for his efforts in sponsoring science students and promoting development projects.

They reviewed the idea presented by young media figures Abdullah Baria and Salem Hatem, called "Seasons in Hadhramaut", which included a group of distinctive and important historical and tourist events that contribute to stimulating tourism and the local economy.

Al-Eryani, Minister of Information, Culture, and Tourism, expressed his ministry's support for development projects and efforts to revive the popular, historical, and cultural heritage led by the local authority in Hadhramaut, praising youth proposals that aim to exploit the available capabilities throughout the year and study the role of youth and workers in promoting various activities.

The Governor of Hadhramaut affirmed the local authority's commitment to reviving historical, cultural, and tourism events to move life forward, advance the tourism and economic sectors, and promote the preservation of the region's heritage, stressing the role of the Hadhramout Foundation - Human Development in developing the human element and contributing to sustainable development.

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