Training workshop on developing Socotra carpet weaving and marketing - Socotra Archipelago Governorate


A training workshop was held in Socotra Archipelago Governorate, Hadiboh District, on the 2nd and 3rd of September, 2023, as part of the activities of the USAID-funded Economic Recovery and Livelihoods Program (ERLP), in partnership with Hadhramout Foundation - Human Development, and implemented by Socotra Foundation for Cultural and Natural Heritage.

During the workshop, skills were developed in the production and marketing of the Socotra carpets, for 20 women and girls from Zafla and Adenbali regions of Momi and Dakshahaten - Briad region in Socotra Archipelago Governorate.

The workshop is a complement of the first phase of this project, followed by preparations to obtain certification for Socotra carpets as a local product of heritage value that can be marketed regionally and internationally.