About Scholarship and Training:

About Scholarship and Training:

The Scholarship and Training Department is one of the most prominent departments of the institution which aims to develop the abilities of outstanding students who have high rates in secondary school and academic studies by sending them to prestigious foreign universities or giving them free seats in the major Yemeni universities such as Aden and Hadhramaut universities.


To support the qualification of human cadres in the fields that contribute to the advancement of society and its progress, in order to promote sustainable development and development process, and prepare generations with knowledge, lofty values, and virtuous ethics.


Program Objectives :

1- Providing full or partial support for students and trainees in the form of seats, or through adoption in the stages of university and higher education and specialization.

2- Supporting and encouraging gifted and creative students and directing them to areas that develop their talent and creativity to serve the growth of their society.

3- Giving priority in support of areas and disciplines that have a great need and acute shortage in the governorate.

4- Ensuring the qualified human resources seeking to improve the service of society through human development programs.

5- Raising the scientific level of the cadres of the governorate and participate in bridging the needs of scientific, administrative and specialized competencies.

6- Building a qualified base of national cadres capable of production, giving and creativity.

7- Contributing to support any effort that seeks to prepare or develop the scientific, educational, technical, legal, and media infrastructure and to prepare policies and programs that support the development of the governorate.


The Scholarship and Training Department is divided into three main sections:

1. Scholarships outside the country.

2. Scholarships inside the country.

3. Training.


First: Scholarships outside the country

The Foundation believes in the importance of human capacity building and development. Therefore, Hadhramaut Foundation for Human Development strives to achieve this through a number of activities and programs that are implemented in this framework.


The scholarship outside the country program is one of these programs, which aims primarily to meet the community's need for urgent and necessary scientific and practical disciplines.


The Scholarships outside the country is divided into two parts:

1- University education

2- Graduate studies


Second: Scholarships inside the country:

The scholarships inside the country consists of a number of programs that fall under the Foundation's short- and medium-term plans to address the acute shortage in some specialties in Hadhramaut governorate. It focuses on the following:

1- Educational qualification in physics and mathematics.

2- Internal scholarships to the universities of Hadhramaut and Aden in the bachelor's and graduate studies.


Third: Training:

The Foundation launched its general objectives in finding a balance between the Academy and the professional practice in the labor market. Therefore, the Scholarship and Training Department has established a special section to train graduate students and qualify them for the labor market by providing them with a number of skills in their field of specialization. The department started activating the field of training in cooperation with the Faculty of Medicine at Hadhramaut University to find a number of important programs to train the medical, technical and administrative staff in the most recognized hospitals internationally. This will enable doctors to obtain the best training opportunities and obtain a fellowship certificate for all medical specialties.