The Hungarian Scholarship  will open the doors of the application for its free Scholarship for the year 2020-2019 from 15 November 2018 and end on 15 January 2019 for the Bachelor's, Master's, and Ph.D. level.


Study language: 

English or Hungarian


What does the Hungarian Scholarship offer you:

1- Full Exemption of Tuition Fees.

2- Monthly Stipend

3- Free University Accommodation

4- Comprehensive Health Insurance


Monthly Stipend of Hungarian Scholarship:

- 40460 Hungarian Forint (equivalent to 125 Euro) for both Bachelor, and Master students.

- 140000 Hungarian Forint (equivalent to 450 Euro) for Ph.D students.


University Housing:

The Scholarship provides you with a seat in the university housing or (40000) Hungarian Forint  instead of housing.


Papers required to apply:

1- Fill in the Data on the Scholarship Website.

2- Certificate of English language proficiency.

3- Motivation letter in English

4- Secondary certificate translated to English for Bachelor students

5- Certificate for Masters and PhD students

6- Grades Records

7- Valid passport

8- Certificate of freedom from any infectious diseases or viruses

9- Curriculum Vitae in English


Scholarship Terms and Conditions:

1- The applicant shall not be a holder of Hungarian nationality.

2- The applicant has not previously obtained the Scholarship at the same level.

3- Achieving the minimum in the language chosen.


Important Notes:

1- Upon submission, three majors are chosen and the priority will be as follows: 80% for the first one- 15% for the second one - 5% for the third one

2- The letter of motivation is very important and it is considered the basis of the admission process.

3- The study of the Hungarian language requires preparatory courses for one academic year.

4- Some universities require a TOEFL or IELTS certificate and some universities do not require it.

5- University tests and interviews are conducted for students who are accepted to apply online

6- Two letters of recommendation are required for Ph.D students