A Master's degree for researcher Nisreen Mohammed Bahumid in physics from Hadhramout University


A scholarship student, Nisreen Mohammed Bahumid, received a master's degree in physics from Hadhramout University for her thesis titled "Preparing nanometer-sized granules of metal oxide and their visual and synthetic characterization, as well as studying their anti-bacterial activity."

Furthermore, the thesis was discussed in the College of Science's Graduate Studies Hall, which was chaired by Dr. Khaled Omar Albayti and included Dr. Mahmoud Mohamed Saleh, a scientific supervisor member, and Dr. Abdul Jabbar Rashad Salem, a member and external discussion.

Finally, Hadhramout Foundation - Human Development congratulated Ms. Bahumid for her research thesis, which falls within the framework of the internal grants sponsored by the Foundation in accordance with its plan to support education, and wished her continued success and the ability to benefit the country and society with her knowledge.