Mubarak Alburaiki achieves the first position and wins the award for the best student at the level of the Management and Science University (MSU).


Mubarak Alburaiki, a Hadhramout Foundation-Human Development scholarship recipient, completed a bachelor's degree in computer science at the Management and Science University (MSU) in Malaysia's capital, Kuala Lumpur, graduating with first honors at 4/4 and thus achieving first place in the College of Engineering and at the university level in general.

Further, he won the Excellence Award granted to the best student in the university, which was honored by the university president.

In addition, he began his career as a software engineer at UST Global, the industry leader in software engineering, but was quickly promoted to one of the company's senior engineers in Malaysia, despite his young age.

Finally, he was recently assigned to the engineering team's management tasks, for which he was working within it in Kuala Lumpur.