Public Education Development Plan Program

Public Education Development Plan Program

Public Education Development Plan Program has had a tangible impact on the educational reality in Hadhramaut, where a number of specific programs have been implemented. The plan was based on six programs:

1- Training programs: These are programs for the training of educational leaders, teaching staff, school departments, social workers and others.

2- Qualitative projects: It is intended to establish quality programs such as twinning with long-standing educational institutions, and seek to obtain a quality certificate for quality schools in the governorate.

3- Preparation of trainers: Preparation of trainers: It is intended to prepare trainers in special fields not available in the governorate for future investment in the training process.

4- Educational meetings: It aims at educational broadcasting, discuss the educational situation and come out with outputs and recommendations that contribute to the development of solutions to the problems that affect the educational process.

5- Student Activities: Providing a number of qualitative extracurricular activities enrich the educational process.

6- Competitions: Conducting local student competitions and participating in the distinct regional and international competitions.

The plan went through the following phases:

The first phase: It has carried out quality training activities for educational administrations, teachers, social workers, model school students and educational seminars in Hadhramaut, Sahel and Wadi, and with specific trainers from Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

The second phase: Based on the decision of the Board of Trustees and the events of Yemen, it was limited to the model schools and courses carried out by trainers of Hadrami origins from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Beneficiaries of the two phases of the plan:

The number of beneficiaries of the programs implemented (4,008) trainees and (120) parents.