Reading Program (Iqra)


The Foundation adopted the Reading Program which includes a library in each classroom in cooperation with Dar Ibn Khaldun Foundation for Development Cooperation and Education offices in the governorate in this project, in recognition of the importance of Reading and Culture of the learner and the expansion of his awareness. We hope that this project will make a quantum leap in the scientific and cultural level of students.

This project was implemented after the arrival of a series of textbooks for this program for five basic schools in the coast and valley of Hadhramaut, produced by international scholastic company named as My Arabic library and containing useful books for six levels of basic education.

The Foundation has also adopted a program to feed number of schools’ libraries in the governorate with a verity of books to entice students to read, including books received from various parties.

Program Objectives:

1. Raising reading skills among students of public education schools.

2. To enrich the culture of the students by looking at the contents of "My Arabic Library".

3. Increasing awareness among emerging generations of the importance of reading in the next stages of study in particular and life in general.

4. Urging the Ministry and similar institutions renovate and improve existing libraries and establish new libraries.

5. Integrating the governorate schools into the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Charity Establishment Project through the dissemination of this type of library.