Eng. Ahmed Bashawayh, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Hadhramout Foundation—Human Development


The Chairman of the Board of Founders of Hadhramout Foundation - Human Development, Eng. Abdullah Ahmed Bugshan, issued a decision to reconstitute the Foundation’s Board of Trustees.


This decision comes in line with the Foundation’s orientation towards relying on young people from the Foundation’s outcomes to contribute to the preparation, study, and follow-up of the various programs concerned with developing the Foundation during the next stage.


The decision approved the following names as members of the new Board of Trustees during the next session, starting from January 2024 until December 2026, and they are:


  1. Eng. Ahmed Salem Bashawayh, Chairman
  2. Dr. Walid Omar Bahamdan, member
  3. Dr. Abdullah Abdulqadir bin Othman, member
  4. Mr. Abdulsalam Mohsen Moawadah, member
  5. Dr. Abdulsalam Mohammad Al-Jawfi, member
  6. Dr. Mohammad Abdullah Hassan, member
  7. Dr. Murshid Salem Al-Jarou, member
  8. Dr. Hussein Abdullah Al-Amoudi, member
  9. Mr. Walid Abdul Latif Al-Amoudi, member
  10. Dr. Khaled Hassan Bamsahal, member
  11. Eng. Mohammed Saleh  Akkar, member
  12. Eng. Mohammed Ali Bahmish, member


The decision indicated that board meetings should be in person, four periodic meetings per year, every three months, or as needed, at the invitation of the board's chairman.


The Founders’ Board sent its sincere thanks and appreciation to the former members of the Board of Trustees for their efforts that contributed to the distinguished successes with which the Foundation assumed the prestigious position it holds, asking God Almighty to grant the Board, in its new formation, success to further successes for the Foundation in the future.